Full Service Dog Grooming

Liberty Run Pet Resort of Guthrie, OK offers full service dog grooming.  Using the best equipment along with the best products and top of the line shampoos and conditioners, we are happy to tailor make your pet's treatment specifically for them.  Your pet will have outstanding care and service. Your pet will feel pampered during the dog bathing and brushing process.  We have the best groomers in Oklahoma City, OK who are both patient and gentle with each dog. This is our passion and it shows through on the happy faces and wagging tails of our satisfied customers. We firmly believe in the importance of regular grooming, and take special care to do the job right.   Allow us to pamper your pooch with the finest grooming services available! 

Please inquire for rates.

Bathing and Brushing

Liberty Run specializes in bathing and brushing to turn that "mud monster" back into the clean housedog you desire.  Top of the line products and equipment bring out the very best in your pet.  

Baths automatically include Hydrosurge bathing, fluff dry, brush out, ear cleaning and nail trimming.  Additional services include deshedding, special conditioning, flea or tick treatments.

Clients are welcome to join our Shedder's Anonymous Club where through special grooming techniques, regular appointments, diet, and supplements, we can reduce shedding between 60-80%. 

Please inquire for rates.

Shedders Anonymous Club

Do you leave hair all over the sofa and carpet?

Does your owner go to work with as much of a fur coat as you have?

Are you embarassed by the trail of fur that follows you where every you go?

We have a solution!  Have your owner call us.

Through special grooming techniques, regular appointments, diet, and supplements we can reduce the amount you shed by as much as 60% to 80%!   We are currently accepting new club members and have a special deal waiting for you. 

Prices vary by breed and start as low as $39/month.