Our policies:

Pet Warranty Plan = $7.50 per pet per stay (required)

Liberty Run provides a pet warranty for your benefit, your pet's comfort, and our security.  The $7.50 fee covers your pet regardless of the length of stay.  Our warranty plan covers vet care needed for your pet during his or her stay.  You can expect immediate treatment of illness, injury or stress related symptoms.  If your pet requires care, we will not hesitate to visit a vet, and we will pick up the tab.  In addition, if your pet becomes ill within one week of returning home, please feel welcome to visit your vet and send us a receipt for a refund.  Pre-existing conditions and gastric torsion are excluded from the warranty.


There are a few forms that must be completed prior to boarding your pet for the first time.  These include the nitty gritty legal forms, but also include a Pet Profile that helps us learn more about the pets in our care so that we can make their boarding experience one of the best possible.  All forms are kept on file, so there is no need to complete them every time your pet boards.  When we need updates, we will let you know.  You may update your pet's profile as often as you desire.   Please be sure to let us know if your address, phone number, veterinarian, or emergency contact information changes.  Forms to be completed before boarding are “Client Information”& “Dog Profile.”  Each client must complete a “Boarding Contract” when the pet is dropped off for boarding.


Our only requirement here at Liberty Run is that NO vaccines be given within 7 days of your pet's stay.  Vaccinations need a little bit of time to become most effective, and cause mild stress to the immune system, so it is best not to give boosters immediately before boarding.   Liberty Run Pet Resort is not a veterinary clinic, and with that, we do not profess to know what vaccinations are right for your pet.  Each pet is an individual and vaccine protocol should be tailor made for your pet.    Those decisions are between you and your veterinarian. Please discuss with your veterinarian which vaccines are needed for your pet.  Because we are not a veterinary clinic, we do not administer vaccinations at Liberty Run Pet Resort.   During your pet's stay, we do need a current copy on file of your pet's rabies vaccination certificate.

Many veterinarians do recommend boarded pets be vaccinated for bordetella.  This vaccine can indeed be effective, but it is important to remember the vaccine is not effective against all forms of canine cough. No vaccine is 100% effective and all vaccines have the potential for side effects.  This is a discussion you should have with your veterinarian.  Vaccinate well before your pet's stay.   We will refuse boarding for any pet vaccinated within a week before their stay at Liberty Run.

There is always a potential for disease transmission in a kennel/resort environment.  Exposure is always possible, though we do everything within our ability to limit it.  Because of the potential, we refuse to enter a "who's at fault" argument, our required Pet Health Warranty fee covers exactly these situations.

Multiple Pets In A Run

Pets that live together peacefully are welcome to board together in the same run.   Liberty Run reserves the right to limit the number of pets in a run based upon the size and temperament of the individuals involved.  We will not hesitate to separate pets that do not get along in the boarding environment.  Pets will be separated for meals if needed, but must be able to get along at treat time and in the presence of bones, chewies, and toys.  Pets that are possessive over the water bowl may not be boarded with other pets.

Daily Exercise and Inclimate Weather

Every dog boarded at Liberty Run will have an exercise routine personally designed for the individual.  Age, fitness level, weight status, etc will all be factored into the plan.  All dogs will get outside of their run a minimum of three times a day, regardless of the weather.  If it is raining, dogs will get wet, and if it is muddy, dogs may get muddy.  We encourage play and fun canine activities, so dogs may indeed get dirty during their stay.  Because of this, we reserve the right to bathe your dog on its day of departure from our facility.


Many dogs enjoy playing with other dogs.  For this reason, we offer small playgroups for three, four or five carefully selected dogs at a time.  Playgroups are always supervised by a pet care specialist and are never left unattended.  All dogs participating in playgroups must have written permission from the owner, and must pass an in-house temperament test.  Dogs in playgroups are under constant evaluation and may at anytime be denied participation.  Bitches in season are not eligible for playgroup activity. Playgroups are NOT required.   We board many pets that simply have no desire to play safely with others, so for those pets, they will have yard time to themselves!

Reservation Deposit/Cancellation Policy

Currently, we do not charge a deposit for a standard reservation during non-peak booking times.  Informing us as early as possible about your cancellation gives us more opportunity to rebook your room.  Because of the design of our facility and the services offered to our guests, we do not overbook our runs, so no-shows, and reservations canceled at the last minute really have an impact.

Intact Animals

We happily board intact dogs.  We believe it is your choice to spay or neuter your pet, and in many cases, alteration is beneficial for the pet.  However, as breeders, we do understand there are reasons for pets to be intact.  We are breeders, and as such, it is quite possible for us to have in season bitches at the resort.  Be forewarned that some intact males may have difficulty with this.

Bitches in season are welcome to board at our resort.  Bitches in season can be testy, even to long time companions, and for this reason, bitches in season may not be able to have roommates.  If your bitch comes into her season while in our care, we will carefully observe her and may move her to her own bunk.  If she requires her own run, full run price may be charged.   If breeding is intended during her season and will need to be handled while she is in our care, contact us directly for additional charges.

Bully Breeds and other Guardian Breeds

Yes, we board Bully Breeds.  Pit Bulls, AmStaffs, American Bulldogs, etc are welcome to board.  Rottweilers, Akitas, and other Guardian breeds as well. HOWEVER, Please help us out by telling us your dog's breed.  :)  Our goal is to set everyone up to have a great time, and with that, we make sure we don't board two breeds next to each other that are likely to fence fight.  Our goal is to limit these possibilities with our bully breed clients.   If your dog is a bully breed or bully breed cross or other guardian breed, it just helps us know how to manage our incoming clients.  There is no reason to pass your pup off as something else.   We love the Bullies and the Guardians and they are absolutely welcome at Liberty Run.

Aggressive Animals

Since boarding requires hands-on care, Liberty Run reserves the right to refuse service to pets that put our staff at increased risk to injury.  Pets staying at Liberty Run must possess a temperament that allows Liberty Run staff members to be able to care for them.  Allowances may be made for specific temperament issues, but the pet cannot pose a danger to staff members.


We do not board fleas and ticks.  All pets should be on a monthly flea/tick prevention program.  Any pet that enters our facility with fleas or ticks will be treated for immediate kill of the parasites and treated with the appropriate size dose of topical for ongoing prevention.  Minimum charges for handling this issue will be $45 plus the cost of prevention.

Filthy and Severely Matted Pets

Due to the environment here at Liberty Run and basic care standards, filthy or severely matted pets must be groomed prior to their admittance into the facility.  Normal grooming charges will apply and will be charged to the owner.